Windows 10 scan document from printer

Thankyou for the multiple solutions, Night Hawk. Your last post linking to the Brother website is the method I've used for years. Unfortunately that Control Center software hasn't been updated to Windows 10 yet..even though my current Multi-Function Brother printer/scanner/fax is only a year old. How to Scan Using Printer or Scanner in Windows 10

Windows 10 V1803: Easy Document Creator scan bug fixed | Born's… Under Windows 10 version 1803 it was no longer possible to scan using Easy Document Creator. Messages such as ‘The current process has failed’ appeared in “Scan to PC”. Or an error message as shown below has been displayed. Printers Deals, Sales & Special Offers - August 2019… Looking for Printers deals? Check out the latest sales & special offers. Start saving money today! How to Scan Documents or Photos in Windows 10

I have windows 10 and I have a Canon printer, how do I ...

You can't scan a document from a "normal" printer. You need a printer that includes a scanning feature. Often they are called "multi-function" printers. Windows 10 – How to scan documents – IT Support Guides The steps below will show how to install ‘Windows Scan’ and use it to scan a document. We’ll assume that the scanner is connected to the computer, turned on and drivers installed (most drivers will automatically install). Click on the Windows start button and type ‘Windows Store’ – click on it when it appears in the list above. How to Scan Documents or Photos in Windows 10 Windows 10 – Scan Documents, Business Cards or Photos using a Scanner Even in 2017, it’s hard to beat the quality of a dedicated document or flatbed scanner. On Amazon, Prices range from $50 ... HP Printers - Using the HP Scan and Capture App (Windows ...


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